I’ve been on Facebook a little over a year, and I think that might be long enough. I don’t know what I expected so at least I’m not disappointed.

Most of my Facebook “friends” are people I’d never talk to in the ordinary course of things, but Facebook makes it so easy that now I know more about their lives than I would even if we actually talked regularly. I like to see their links and ideas, but I’m tired of scanning the posts about petty frustrations and I’m reluctant to “hide” anyone, even the ones I don’t know. I don’t want to hurt any feelings. I’m willing to, but that’s not my goal.

A few of my “friends” I ”confirmed” because I couldn’t think of a good reason to “ignore” them. I barely knew them—sometimes not at all—and I figured we could have an electronic relationship, and it seemed rude to say no. It seems even ruder to “unfriend” someone just because our “friendship” seems pointless and if I had something important to say to you, I’d at least call, except I probably don’t even know your phone number because you’re probably not really my friend, just my “friend.” I don’t mind a little rudeness for a good cause, though, and I am a good cause. So if you and I have an exclusively Facebook relationship, I’m gonna think about that.

I post quotations and links to my site and others, usually videos, but most of it’s on my site anyway, so why am I fiddling around on Facebook? I’m curious about social media and I want to sample it while there’s still an electrical grid up and running.

I like seeing what my particular set of “friends” has to say. The political commentators are all conventional lefties and I like watching them chew each other’s ankles and gnash their teeth at the same time. I love the keening over “not only is there not gonna be any health-care reform, the government is shilling for the insurance industry and the war budget is the biggest in the history of the world.” I admire our spirit, indomitable no matter what it’s in aid of. We keep trying to believe.

And I love the creativity of the Democrat faithful in explaining and defending the President’s actions and inactions and in deciding exactly how we should wring our hands about what a dick he turned out to be. That’s the kind of “friends” I’ve got. Most of them I rather like. Some of them I’ve never met, and I have a few “friends” who are also friends. I’m gonna call one now.

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  1. Hello Anthony-
    My wife and I have enjoyed your columns as the best thing at the CN&R for the past several years.
    Thought you might enjoy some our “Northstate””s Fakest News Stories” that we””ve begun posting at our website under our Merry Standish Standard banner.


    Even dropped your name in this column.


    Keep up the good work.
    Thanks for your time,

    Aaron Standish

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