Goons recently arrested Roman Polanski for having sex with a 13-year-old girl in 1977, another waste of energy and clearly a terrorist act—the arrest, not the sex. The ex-girl is 45 now and just wants to forget the whole thing, like any sane person. The mean, stupid apparatus of law enforcement isn’t required to pass a sanity test, however, and Polanski is being punished only to terrorize the rest of us. The woman is mostly a victim of journalism, not Polanski. She deserves a break.

And Polanski deserves at least 3 13-year-olds just for Chinatown, not to mention Rosemary’s Baby, Knife in the Water, and Tess. Let’s let both of them be a peace.

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  1. Oliver Steinberg says:

    Will the Russians have any comments on this one?

  2. Oliver Steinberg says:

    If an expression like “terrorism” is invoked on this topic, let’s be accurate. It is rape or other sexual assault, or the fear of those crimes, which is more like terrorism. I can vividly recall at least three incidents where I have known women who were victims of rape by utter strangers—one in her own home. I know of many women who as girls or adolescents were sexually molested by older men—as often as not, by the clergy. These attacks leave scars on the victims and they also scare others who quite reasonably fear becoming victims themselves.

    I do not know the details of the accusation against Roman Polanski. If forcible rape is alleged, then I don’t care if fifty years had elapsed—go ahead and put him on trial. If it is a case of “statutory” rape—where the basic offense is just a question of the age of the girl at the time—then I suppose it is not a good idea to pursue the case IF the woman doesn’t want to. But I look at this as different from a situation of two teen-agers going through their adolescent pupation/learning ritual (a typical manifestation of human nature.) At the time of the incident, Polanski must have been more than twice as old as the girl, and therefore it looks a lot like child molestation to me. Not acceptable in our society. I don’t think you can persuasively say that a 13 year old consenting to sexual activity with a 30 year old, has anywhere near the comprehension of the potential risks and consequences involved, compared to the sophistication of the older partner.

    Our so-called criminal justice system has a million faults and defects. Much of its purpose indeed is to intimidate and frighten the citizens into submission to an unjust and corrupt power structure. I think you can find many better examples instead of this one. I’m not wasting sympathy on Mr. Polanski.

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