In the heart of laughter is God, tickling me like a baby.
Anger, envy, sadness gone.
When I laugh, I am joyful, content, sexy.

I make piles.
On top of my safe is a tin of shortbread fingers,
safety goggles, a belt, a T-shirt,
and a like-new copy of The Seth Material.

She’d say, “Oh, do you like hummingbirds?”
And he’d say, “You’re in my bedroom looking at my feeder, and you ask me if I like hummingbirds.”

Or she’d say, early in the morning, “Is it hot out?” And he’d say, “We both just got up. How could I possibly know if it’s hot out?”

Joe is assigned to a staff person at all times. There is always someone just over there whose job is Joe. They herd him so I can leave.

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