I collect political flyers and whatnot whenever an election is imminent, though they’re never eminent or immanent.  I don’t keep them, I just want to see how the local printers are doing.  This year’s cards and brochures are the fanciest yet, all of them four-color on heavy stock.  Forough Molina’s material was the smallest, and so far Mark Sorensen and the money slate—Sorensen, Fillmer, and Coolidge—have the biggest propaganda with letter-size heavy card stock.  I think of Coolidge, Fillmer, and Sorensen as the money slate because they seem to care more about money than anything else on Earth.

Why do the candidates think that bright colors will work for them?  Maybe because they do.  Running for office is said to be expensive, and apparently the more spent, the better the chances of winning.  I haven’t seen any data, though, and I wonder if it’s just hearsay.  Mark Sorensen has spent quite a few dollars on a slick presentation.  At least he doesn’t dye his hair, although he’s still kinda whiny and blamey and drear.

I saw all of the candidates a couple of weeks ago at a League of Women Voters forum, and I made snap judgments as I saw fit.  First, Heidi Hall might be too sharp for the people who have been supporting Dough LaMalfa, although she’s got some big, flashy cards that might sway them.  I got some mailing or other from Dough that I think I repurposed to scoop cat litter.  He’s not one of us, except in the most cosmic way.

I can’t imagine being persuaded to vote for someone because of the high quality of his flyers.  I can imagine you doing it, though, and that’s why Dough sent me only one flyer and gave up, although it was pretty stiff and water-resistant, just the thing for big clumps in the litter box.

I still think if money, well spent or otherwise, is that big a deal in determining the outcome of an election, we’re screwed, as if you didn’t know.  We the people are easily led, entertained, distracted, deceived, and bamboozled if you spend enough money, or you could just say you could do it if you wanted to because you’ve got all this money, and corporate media would anoint you anyway.

Andrew Coolidge might be a hologram.  Reanette Fillmer is blonde, mostly, apparently a successful capitalist too, and still mainly a blonde.  I like Lupe Arim-Law’s concern for the homeless, and I like Rodney Willis’s hat.

I’m still trying to like Scott Gruendl, although he once crossed the street to avoid me.  His final spiel at the forum in the Silly Council room asked for our vote to keep the bad guys—Mark Sorenson, Sean Morgan, and Mary Goloff, I guess—from gaining a majority with the election of another candidate from the Tea Party slate—Fillmer, Coolidge, and Sorensen.  I suppose Gruendl is better than any of them, although he’s turned into a politician, and we don’t need any more of them.  I also got a flyer that called for the firing of Scott Gruendl, an usual mailing not obviously tied to any other candidate.

Hell no on A.  Oh, well, I suppose so on B.  No on 46.

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