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At the end of April when I wrote about my son’s mental illness he had been in and out of the Butte County Psychiatric Health Facility (The Puff) four times since October. Make that five times.

In June he was at home and had been steadily improving for three weeks or so. The long-acting drug he finally consented to seemed to be helping. He was a lot more present and responsive to his surroundings, including people. I started to think he might win his conservatorship trial at the end of July and get to stay out of the county’s custody.

He refused to get his next monthly injection or talk to anyone from Butte County, though, even when they came to him, and so the bureaucracy stumbled into action. What I thought would be a meeting with his Public Guardian turned out to be an ambush with four or five people from the county and four Chico police.

That he had been behaving reasonably and said he felt better didn’t mean squat. Because he’s technically an adult, I have no clout. For Butte County, the prescribed drug was the mandatory minimum— take it voluntarily or they’ll make you take it.

The county people arrived sporadically and milled around in the street and our front yard until the straggler showed up. Meanwhile the police and people from Butte County tried to persuade him to accept the injection. So did I. The nurse was right there with the stuff. He could do it and all those other people would go away, and he could stay at home, but he wasn’t having any of it.

Since he wouldn’t agree to be injected, my son was eventually handcuffed and taken away, restrained, and given Invega Sustenna, a popular monthly injectable.

He’s back at home now, and because I’m willing to provide him with the necessities of life, as long as he stays on his drug he can stay out of custody, and Butte County is dropping its conservatorship effort. Whew, maybe.

At the July meeting of the Butte County Behavioral Health Advisory Board several people, including Board members, spoke out against renewing the contract of the California Forensic Medical Group, the corporation paid to deal with mental health issues at the Butte County Jail. A mentally and physically ill inmate died recently in flaky circumstances, and I look forward to hearing CFMG’s story.

I was elected to the Board at the July meeting. I know I’ve said more than once that I’m through with boards and had even arranged for a buddy of mine to stage an intervention if I start making any Board noises, but this is important.
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  1. Marybeth Lorbiecki Mataya says:

    More than important. Essential. Absolutely.

  2. SueEllen Pearson says:

    I check From the Edge frequently and have wondered whether your absence meant that your son had encountered more difficulties. I am sorry to find out that that is the case. I have no experience with the issues you are dealing with so all I can say is that my thoughts and support are with you. I see your decision to engage as a Board member as right action, for what my opinion is worth. Peace to both you and your son.

  3. Jim Brobeck says:

    Thanks for volunteering to serve on the advisory board. I look forward to your expanding insight into the public/private mental health dynamics of Butte County. Thanks for keeping your son close. I admire your attitude.

  4. As weird as this might seem-here goes a channeling for you that came thru
    this morning!
    “Tears, tears, a 1000 tears from the other side to you…..’ Don’t you know I Love you Sillys & would never leave you- I just had to enter into Bliss before you – And it’s GREAT! Don’t worry about me but I am worried about you; know my arms are around you-tickling you & kissing you frequently. I want you to know I will always love you Anthony& sons.
    I have met your grandmother (L name came thru) She is quite a talker no wonder you have what you have (your gifts) She is total intregrity! She says, “We are watching and see what you’re enduring-We will be there to encourage & help you! Don’t ever think we would leave you & that you are all alone. -that is a lie.- As we all surrender to the Light of Love-the Greatest High.
    As we abide in our Love with each other forever. We will be there to encourage you & pull you thru-(meaning-there is a great host of counselors)With a big smile Janice says “Hendrix sends his Love****** “We want your trip to be as it is in Heaven here right now. And banish all fear & all hell & anger! There stands a great council praying for you (Powerful Spirit beings, ancient anscectors, POWERFUL

    (Hope this uplifting and comfort for you) zeke & lykrs
    there is more we got for others you might find interesting as Janice thought you might.

  5. Wondered if channeling I sent you came thru??


    Hi Anthony!
    Just caught up on all your most recent writings. I am constantly amazed at your mind. The things you write are truly a gift to me. Thanks for being you. And I am so sorry to hear about your son. . . .

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