Gun show

I went to the Chico Gun Show. I was curious. I’m not a gun guy, and I understand the attraction guns have for some people.

Yes, guns kill people, mostly when we give them to government goons. I grew up playing with toy guns, and I acknowledge the attraction of action-at-a-distance, affecting something without touching it directly. I think ball games address the same predilection, and predator drones are a logical development.

I told a couple of people I was thinking of going to the gun show, and they were appalled and fearful for my safety and good sense. I didn’t expect to see anyone I know, and I wasn’t afraid of what I might find.

I actually met some amiable and polite people, and a few who wouldn’t look me in the eye, a common situation. I suppose they could be altogether different in another setting, as could I, and at the Chico Gun Show we were all on our best behavior. I’ve heard that a well-armed society is a very polite society, and I can see why.

Most of the guns were unloaded and locked up, and there was still a lot of sudden death in the room. Most of the space was taken up by gun accessories and miscellaneous stuff for sale, including jewelry, hand tools, and candy. I don’t think sudden death was really any more likely at the Elks Lodge that day than at a lot of other places. There were maybe a hundred and fifty firearms of various kinds there, but no one was fearful or stupid enough to shoot somebody. Chico’s drunk district is a lot more dangerous, and sudden death isn’t the worse thing that can happen to us.

I didn’t win the door-prize rifle, although I wanted to. Three things stood out. I talked to a man who was selling a $40/ounce lubricant who gives it away for wheelchairs. He said, “It’s part of our calling.” I liked that.

The Chico Gun Club was giving away gun locks, a gesture with which I can find no fault.

Buying a gun requires passing the test for a Handgun Safety Certificate. I got the booklet and got a pulled-pork sandwich to help my focus. The gist of it is do whatever you can to ensure that the thing doesn’t hurt anybody, mostly make sure the gun is unloaded and don’t point it anyone and if you can lock it up lock it up, and for God’s sake keep the safety on. I got a perfect score.

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