I’ve been trying to ignore the bumbling, terrorist raids perpetrated by Butte County goons this summer, but I’m not having much luck. Along with the theft of medicine and live cannabis plants, one of the cutest couples in Chico was raided and robbed by government agents, ostensibly by mistake, but cops are notorious liars, so who knows? Lies or incompetence—take your pick, I’m betting nothing’s gonna happen either way. That was weeks ago, and the agents still have two of their computers, by accident. Do you suppose anybody will be fired? What a waste of tax money, a lot like the Pentagon.

What were they thinking when they walked into the Tellesens’ home and stole their stuff? I could ask the thieves, I suppose, but I’d rather not know they even exist or anything about them or their acts. I think at least you ought to have to meet the people before you stage an armed invasion of their home. Talk to them, maybe ask them about what you want to know.

And I’m nearly almost ready to get behind an effort to administer personality tests to all elected officials. At least we could get a line on why they act like that and what their real attitudes are behind the bushwa, how their parents put a hammerlock on their emotions until they thought it was the way things ought to be everywhere and it was a high honor to invade and torment people because of what they might be doing.

Raided and robbed by accident. The letter the office of the Butte County District Attorney sent this summer about my truant son was wrong, too, sent to an imaginary Linda Porter. Everybody needs an editor.

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