Ram Dass on aging

Posted Sunday, April 4th, 2010 under aging, appreciation, perspective, Uncategorized, United States.

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  1. Ram Dass and his wisdom have been with me a lot lately. Watched his aging dvd recently and I’m mostly through his book “still here”. Both were recommended by one of my health care providers after “suffering” a real low point a couple of months ago. He is tremendous and has been partly responsible for my climb back. Actually, now I feel more mentally centered than at any point in my life. I am learning to push my ego and arrogance aside. 25 years ago I had a neon sign on my restaurant window that said “eat here now”, a joke and I actually was not familiar with him on a personal level. I was robust and very sexual, poltical and ego driven at the time and thought I was flying high. I wish I had paid more attention to him then, but better late than never!

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