George Carlin

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  1. I miss G.C. One thing I always used to repeat that George once said was “Why do they call it a hot water heater?” Hot water doesn’t need heating. And the famous skits like … “Why can’t the stewardess on a flight go down the isle instead of saying, ‘Red wine, white wine?’ and instead say, ‘Coke, smoke, dope, shit?’?” I never could tell a joke so I lived vicariously through good old George. Like the time he said having the name George was a pain in the ass. Like the time he and a friend would go over to a girl’s house and they would yell at her through the door “Hey, baby, come on out and give us a kiss” and she would reply, “Who’s out there?” and the guy with him would say, “Julio and George” and the chick would say “Julio come in, George go home.” And the fact that you could spell George and just keep on spelling it…Georgeorgeorgeorge….a laugh riot for sure and will be missed.
    Peace George,

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