Nidal Malik Hasan, who has been a member of a large cult of murderous followers since just after high school, recently shot up a bunch of other cultists and killed several of them. He was soon shot by Kimberly Munley and at the moment still lives.

Hasan’s group exists to destroy people and things at the behest of their commander in chief. That’s what they do. Oh, sometimes they build stuff—bridges, buildings, the occasional levee—but that’s a sideline to destruction. Hasan was in a heavily guarded training compound when he went off the deep end and started killing the wrong people.

Although all of the cultists go through a process designed to make them act alike and look alike and to do whatever they’re told without question—essentially to dehumanize them—they’re still people. More and more, even after months of training, killing people is proving to be emotionally difficult for the cult’s members, and before the shootings Hasan’s job had been to counsel people who had been traumatized by witnessing and participating in murder and destruction. Hasan tried to help them feel better about themselves even though they might have done horrible things to people they didn’t even know, helped destroy a country halfway around the world, and might be expected to do it again. At least they killed the right people.

The organization exists to inflict mayhem on any target designated by their overlord and paymasters in Washington, D.C. They all approve of murder, but only with the right story attached. The cult is dedicated to the preeminence of its nation only and has bases and thousands of people stationed around the world. They’re not supposed to kill each other, though, and that’s why Hasan was shot four times by Kimberly Munley, who belongs to an allied cult. He shot the wrong people. Conversely, Munley is a heroine because shot the right people—Hasan.

Hasan was scheduled to go to a killing zone soon and apparently wasn’t looking forward to it. Maybe he was afraid of getting shot.

Hasan apparently got a poor performance review and counseling at the hospital where he worked for six years until last July. Yet he seems to have done reasonably well as a counselor himself and had attained some rank in the organization. One of his superiors, Kimberly Kesling, said, “Up to this point I would consider him an asset.” I foresee another poor review.

Hasan clearly suffered tremendous anguish and inner conflict. He was in greater emotional pain than most of us can imagine, and no wonder. Here’s a telltale. The Huffington Post says, “Hasan’s family said in a statement Friday that his alleged actions were ‘despicable and deplorable’ and don’t reflect how the family was raised.” I can see why he left home right out of high school, but it was already too late. Poor guy.

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  1. Kristen Wilson says:

    Wow. What could I ever say about this? Sorry, but I agree with the Dr.’s family and the “cultists” on this one.

  2. The subject line was “coward.” I’ve changed only the names and numbers.

    “Your article regarding the terrorist act at Ft. Hood is despicable. You do not deserve to live in this Great country. You are are a coward of the worst variety. How dare you sit back and pontificate on the evils of America and suck it’s teat for all the liberties and freedoms it provides your sorry. hopeless negative ass. You would be one of the first to hide behind one of our brave warriors when the shit hits the fan. Why are you here you in a country you despise, a country that allows mental perverts like you to stay in this country. You surely don’t deserve any of the blessings and protections that you are afforded by the courageous patriots that serve a greater good. My company is an advertiser in your paper, or should I say was. I can no longer support a publication that would give an ungrateful Bozo like you to spew your hatred for a country you don’t have the guts to leave. What a tuff guy you are Mr. Porter. You really must feel that you are so superior to the fools that lie in fox holes, sleep in a freezing or scorching desert defending your lazy ass so you can condemn them for providing you the freedom to write your communistic bullshit. The difference is they don’t complain and are willing to lay down their life to make sure you don’t lose your right to humiliate their heroic efforts. I’d love to get together with you face to face and see just how tuff you are. You sit in your little dark place and condemn, maybe you and I could meet for a cup of coffee ( on me ) and see where it goes. Maybe you could convert me. Maybe you can convince me that you are a brave “ink jockey” that really does know the evil inner workings of our evil government. I could be all wrong about you Mr. Porter. Let’s get together soon and exchange idea’s. My name is Blah Blah my cell number is 555-5555. Come on, lets have some fun big guy. Looks like you could use a little fun, you look so lost and angry in your photo. Let me know when and where you would like to meet, or just stay in your dark little cave and spew your hate until you need a brave soldier to cover your worthless. pitiful self. Call soon Mr. Big.”

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