1078 Film Festival

This year I went to two out of three days of the third 1078 Film Festival, at the 1078 Gallery in Chico, California, and I grilled a couple of people who went on the day I didn’t, and I think I’ve got a pretty good feel for the event as a whole.

I loved it. I hadn’t laughed quietly that much in a long time. I did quite a bit of wincing, too, come to think of it, so not everything was funny. There were a few good films, but the plethora, make that surfeit, of the truly awful made me glad to be a part of an arts community that will tolerate some of the stuff we sat through. Lordy. Chico’s love and acceptance stagger me.

I’m laughing now thinking about one of the films, and I can hardly wait until next year. See you there.

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  1. The town extends its love and acceptance beyond local filmmakers. Visual artists, writers, farmers, teachers, journalists, musicians, and many other types are loved and accepted in Chico. It is a mixed situation. Good, bad, and mediocre thrive here. Check out the annual tour of artist studios or the people who teach at the local university and you will find them all being rewarded, or whining until they get their way. Just don’t try to eat in a good restaurant very frequently. Few exist and you need a suitcase of money to dine at them.

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